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bring the community into the proccess

dear diary,

as i was wandering though architectural sites today, i came on Alejandro Aravena’s lecture on TED about Quinta Monroy project.

how do you settle 100 families in the same 5,000 sqm site?

If to answer the question, one starts assuming 1 house = 1 family = 1 lot, we were able to host just 30 families in the site.

In addition, as a middle-class family lives reasonably well in around 80 square meters, but when there’s no money, what the market does is to reduce the size of the house to 40 square meters.What we said was, what if, instead of thinking of 40 square meters as a small house, why don’t we consider it half of a good one? When you rephrase the problem as half of a good house instead of a small one, the key question is, which half do we do? And we thought we had to do with public money the half that families won’t be able to do individually.

Their final design was something between a building and a house. As a building, it could pay for expensive, well-located land, and as a house, it could expand. If, in the process of not being expelled to the periphery while getting a house, families kept their network and their jobs, the expansion would begin right away.

So the purpose of design, trying to understand and trying to give an answer to the “3S” menace, scale, speed, and scarcity, is to channel people’s own building capacity.

It seems to be a simple plan but the best part, the user involvement make the hole project look different.


see Alejandro Aravena’s lecture on TED here:


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