{Aloni} Deca Architects

is it required for the building to be part of the environment {?}

Dear Diary,
today i was wondering how difficult is for an architect, not only to create a building, but also to integrate it into their environment, urban landscape or countryside.

and what is better, the building being constructed as a part of its enviromnent or not?

stringioThe building that came my mind came was the “Aloni” of Deca Architects, a residence designed in Antiparos Island. When I first saw the design, I was impressed how that house intergrates into the environment.

The landscape of the Cyclades is beautifully structured by nature, so any design requires careful planning for not to have a negative impact the natural beauty.

The design of Deca, focused on redesign of the landscape to be habitable and sets minimum limits between the natural environment and housing.

stringio (1)

Constructing two large stone walls, they place all the functions of housing between them, while the earth flows above it. In this way the house is “lost” in the island’s landscape and looks just from the courts that exist inside and created a balance of the elements (wind protection, sun light etc.)

So my conclusion dear diary is, when the architect called to design in a landscape as impressive as that of the Cyclades, the building should be designed in order to be part of this beauty.


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