{Dessierto Square} NO.MAD Architects

patterns in the ground

Dear diary,

today as I walked around the city I was watching all the different patterns that appeared on the ground, the floor of my house, the one on the stairs, the elevator, the pavement, the road. And as I was moving around and keep stepping on different patterns, I questioned myself

why an architect creates patterns on the ground in purpose?

So, as I was searching, I ran on Dessierto Square of NO.MAD architects. I find very interesting the way that they use different materials in an algorithmic way to set patterns on the plaza. The vegetation is also a part of the design, following linearity and simplicity. The patterns of the materials on the ground set the position of the seats that look like an outdoor living room. The hills that been created act as viewpoints, and landmarks in the night.


The whole design seems to be a miniature of the city, in which every material corresponds to a place. The lighting is placed to form paths, but in a way that also reminds the city lights at night.


The memory of a chaotic industrial site with flying steel pipes, wooden sleepers and rails, spread coal, water pools and wild vegetation is recycles as a non-iconographic atmosphere be means of numeric process. Those raw materials are quantified and redistributed on pixel masses or “urban lounges”. The find their optimal situation making compatible usage conditions, urban and accessibility parameters and climatic issues carrying the system to a final equilibrium. The new vegetation adapts to a scheme on a series of densities and heights related to privacy, while the lighting systems prefigure algorithmic constellations guiding the user through the alternative topography. The urban space is self generated, with confident mixed materials onto an arithmetic landscape with uncertain usage rules defined by the instant interaction with the citizen{by the architects}

watch “Paisajes en el bolsillo” on https://vimeo.com/77580726


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