Sketch stories

from the head to the paper

Dear Diary,

the new semester started and new architectural projects are about to begin. For me, the best part of every project is the first sketches. The magical moment that you have papers in front of you, and with a pencil or a pen you start to pull lines, you see prospects, or create faces of your idea. With a sliding scale, without putting dimensions, you draw on the paper your first thoughts within the context of the site and the program you have been given.

McMicken Elementary School . TCF Architecture

{McMicken Elementary School . TCF Architecture}

There is plenty of sketches that we use. Ink, pencil, black and white or in color. In other trying to put the program in places other engravings or do some kind of grid on the plot, to obtain the morphology of the building.

Jung Gil-Young Gallery Sketch

{Jung Gil-Young Gallery Sketch}

Some people prefer to use tools in order to have direct lines and proportions in the dimensions. I choose to sketch freehand and relative proportions. I find it very interesting zoom in parts of the building that I have in my mind. Usually, I take a lot of lines in point I want to emphasize. Previously, I used pencil for my sketches, but now I prefer black ink. I feel excited with the black color scheme, rarely I use colours, usually when I make a sketch on the program.

Sketches for the Edificio MOP Rancagua in Rancagua, Chile by Iglesis Prat Arquitectos & Tau 3 Arquitectos

{Sketches for the Edificio MOP Rancagua in Rancagua, Chile by Iglesis Prat Arquitectos & Tau 3 Arquitectos}

I love strong prospects and indicating routes in the areas of the project. The more minimal is a sketch,the better illustrates the idea. Its role is to convey the idea into shape. Why is needed to has details?


The sketch gives character and shows the character of the architectural idea.


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