{San Giovanni Church} Studio Zermani e Associati

a church as a place for pray

Dear Diary,

when Ι hear the word “church”, I’m thinking of a place simple, a place to pray.

how modern architecture responds to religion?


The church and the parish centre lie on the body of the hill through a sequence that privileges the concept of substruction, excavation, low piazza and high piazza which is part of the history of the city of Perugia, of its town centre, which the Perugians significantly call “Acropolis.”

A straight line marks the sacred path from the parvis to the main church, to the weekday church, and to the rectory.


The line of light, like the cross it forms on the façade by intersecting with an iron beam, is legible from the hills and marks the borderline between interior space and sky. The stone block of main church-sacristy-weekday church, like a continuation of the nature of the land, develops on the street front, closing it for fifty linear metres, constituting a sort of large wall, of raised ground that protects the empty dual space of the large stairway-piazza facing upward towards the hills from vehicular traffic. The brick that appears fully exposed as both interior and exterior material, confirms the church’s belonging to the nature of the land and to the history and identity of Perugia and its Saints.                    {by the architect}


This church shows me two things.

First, that a church doesn’t need gold lights, large screens and ornaments to provoke awe to the visitor and

second, modern architecture can create wonderful places for pray, based on simplicity and frugal blocks.



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