Annenberg Award 2016 goes to Frank Gehry

The Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE) has announced plans to award Frank Gehry with the 2016 Leonore and Walter Annenberg Award for Diplomacy through the Arts “in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to our country’s rich artistic tradition.”

“We are thrilled to be honoring Mr. Gehry, one of the world’s greatest living architects, with our eighth annual Annenberg Award. For more than five decades, his innovation, vision, and boldness of spirit in the field of architecture has been a profound inspiration. His architectural contributions have had a significant impact, not only on the world of architecture, but on culture and humanity on a global scale,” said FAPE Chairman Jo Carole Lauder.


This year’s Annenberg Award is part of a year-long celebration of FAPE’s 30th Anniversary. The Award is named in honor of Lee Annenberg, a founder of FAPE, and her husband, Walter, for their extraordinary commitment to FAPE.  It also pays tribute to their passion for art, and their extraordinary philanthropic legacy.


“It is a great honor to receive the 2016 Annenberg Award from FAPE, an organization that believes that art and design can foster a deeper appreciation of all cultures. This is a principle that is central to my work as well, so it is wonderful to be to be included in FAPE’s legacy of cultural diplomacy through art. Art and architecture work in concert, and are vital to sparking creativity, enhancing understanding, and creating a dialogue.” said Gehry.

Fred and Ginger building in Prague

Gehry will receive the award at FAPE’s 30th Anniversary Annual Event that will take place on Monday, April 18, in Washington, D.C.

source FAPE


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